The OLA Mini Vinnies team are asking for your assistance with the upcoming LifeLink Day on Wednesday 6th June.


Find out here how you can help...


Together we CAN make a difference!

OLA will be participating in the 2018 LifeLink Day for Primary Schools Project. The OLA Mini Vinnies team will assist with the project. The initiative this year seeks, not only to celebrate our young people, but also to engage with many parishes and parishioners, helping to strengthen the link between Catholic Education and Catholic Faith. Archbishop Costelloe and Bishop Sproxton are asking students to make a gold coin donation to design a card which will eventually be distributed to parishioners attending Mass at our OLA parish during the Archbishop’s annual Christmas Appeal for Lifelink later this year. Please give the gold coin to the classroom teacher by Friday 1st June.


The cards will convey the students’ understanding of the work of one of the LifeLink agencies, and carry a message from the student to someone in need in the community who is helped by a LifeLink agency. In this Year of Youth all children from Years 1-6 at OLA will create a card, and have it placed in a box which will go to the Official LifeLink Launch on Wednesday 6 June, with representatives from our school. Please support this initiative.


Mini Vinnies are also asking each child/family to donate a can for the Saint Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. Suggestions for canned goods may include; fish, beans, sauce, fruit, vegetables etc. On Friday 8 June, two days after the official LifeLink Launch, we are hoping to have the canned goods displayed on our school oval, to convey the meaning that we all CAN help. Please look around the school later this week for the posters completed by the Mini Vinnies with our very own OLA slogan: I CAN, you CAN, we all CAN help!