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Principal’s Message – Issue Eight

Dear and sweet Mother Mary,
keep your holy hand upon us;
guard our minds, our hearts and our senses,
that we may never commit sin.
Sanctify our thoughts, affections, words and actions,
so that we may please you and your Jesus,
our God, and reach heaven with you.
Jesus and Mary, give us your blessing.



Principal’s Message – Issue Eight

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Many of you would know that the month of May is dedicated to our Mother Mary. During the month of May, we pay special tribute, to our spiritual Mother, and offer prayers to Her and to those who need it the most.

My own faith development is important to me and recently I was speaking to a close colleague who explained our Mother Mary’s role to me and her position within the Catholic church. The discussion we had gave me a true insight into who Mary is, her role and my connection with our Mother. My own understanding went to another level and I walked away feeling more connected to our Mother, as well as Jesus.

During my downtime, I look for articles to read that will hopefully inspire me to continue to grow as an educational leader as well as in my own faith. I don’t always share my readings with people, because some of them are personal, however, one of my colleagues shared the article below with me.

In a school play about the life of Jesus, one of the actors got stage – fright and couldn’t remember his line. He caught his mother’s eye and she mouthed the line: “I am the light of the world.” With a huge smile on his face, the boy declared: “My mother is the light of the world.”

Catholics have as their universal mother, the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus who truly could claim to be, “the light of the world”. Because Jesus had a human and a divine nature which cannot be divided, Mary holds the title of Mother of God.

Often Catholics are accused of praying to Mary as if she was a Goddess of sorts. But we have a saying, “To Jesus through Mary”, which indicates that we pray through Mary as our intercessor who prays to God on our behalf. Because Mary was “favoured by God” Luke 1:30, when she was personally chosen to become the mother of Jesus, we believe that we have a greater chance of obtaining God’s graces by asking Mary to intercede for us. When Mary told her cousin, Elizabeth, of her pregnancy, she stated, “My soul magnifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God my Saviour” Luke 1:46. Mary is stating that Jesus is magnified by her soul. We still believe today, that Mary’s soul “magnifies the Lord” and so we petition her.

From the earliest days of Christianity, Mary has been perhaps the principal figure depicted on Icons. The Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches are where most of the Icons had their origin and where they are still venerated. The Icon with which we are most familiar, is that of Our Lady of Perpetual Help which emerged from Crete in the last half of the 15th Century. Dr Margaret Ghosn in her work, “The Iconic Mary”, gives an insight into the significance of the Mary image in Icons, when she writes: “Mary symbolises many images including maternal presence, affection, protector, guide, intercessor, holiness and above all the Mother of God. Mary is called ‘blessed among women’ Luke 11:27 because of her ‘yes’ in faith, ‘let it be done to me according to your word’ Luke 1:38, which brought Jesus into the world. Mary calls to mind the words of St Paul, ‘It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me’ Gal. 2:20. While Mary is the Saviour’s Mother, it is as his faithful disciple that she serves as the primary model of a Christ-centred life. Like Mary, we uncover the secret of who we are on discovering Christ at the centre of our lives.”

Mary’s human life helps her to be a bridge between earth and heaven helping us all to see what is possible. It is possible to be born poor into a simple life, yet achieve mightily in life. It is possible to be uncertain about ourselves, experience fear when opportunities arise and then accept with courage what is offered to us. It is possible to persevere through times of sorrow and disappointment and to keep our trust in God. It is possible to live our lives in hope, trusting that God’s spirit will be with us in all we do.

National Reconciliation Week

Through our Aboriginal Education Plan, we support our community in improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal students, while acknowledging, respecting and reflecting Aboriginal peoples’ histories and cultures, including their unique values, languages, and spirituality, for the betterment of all students. National Reconciliation Week, begins with Sorry Day on 27 May and runs through to Mabo Day on 3 June.

This year’s theme is ‘In This Together’. National Reconciliation Week is about non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal people coming together to celebrate the respectful relationships they share through a process of truth, justice and then reconciliation. With all National Reconciliation Week events going online for 2020, we at OLA have been working closely with the students, sparking meaningful conversations about the importance of living together as one family, within this great nation of ours and discussing how we’re in this together.

Dianella Plaza Gate

For security reasons, the Dianella Plaza gate (next to the church) will be locked as soon as the bell is sounded in the morning. Parents arriving late, or after 8.40am, will need to make their way to the Chester Ave gate where the front office staff will unlock the gate for the children. A reminder, parents are not permitted on-site until restrictions are lifted.

Pupil Free Day

As communicated previously, this Friday’s Pupil Free Day has been cancelled (rescheduled for next semester) and students will be required to be at school. We decided it was in the best interests of the students that we continued with educating the students and the ‘normal routine’. Parents will be advised of the new date, for the Pupil Free Day, when the updated parent calendar is posted for next semester.

Updated Term Calendar

Attached to this newsletter is the updated calendar for Term 2. As soon as restrictions are lifted, we will update the calendars and send them out to all families.

OLA Parent Calendar Term 2

Music Tutors On-site

Due to the current restrictions placed on schools by our Governments and Health Authorities, non-essential adults, including parents and private music tutors we have at OLA, are not permitted on-site until restrictions have been lifted. I am not sure when this will occur, but as soon as they’re lifted, private music lessons, as well as other services, will recommence at OLA. Thank you for your patience with this matter and I hope you can understand.

Drop Off & Pick Up on Chester Ave

Thank you for your support with the drop-offs in the morning and pickups in the afternoons on Chester Ave. We have noticed traffic is flowing fairly smoothly, however, if parents get out of the car, it very quickly builds up on the street. I would like to suggest that, as a rule of thumb, if you have to get out of the vehicle to open boots, strap/unstrap children, put jackets on, etc. that you park your vehicles in the Dianella Plaza carpark or in the designated parking bays across from the school. This will keep the drop off/pickups flowing every morning and afternoon.

Sensory Program

Due to so many staff members on duty in the mornings and afternoons, Sensory will not be commencing until restrictions have been lifted and staff can be redeployed. Having stated this, it is great to see so many students participating in the morning fitness activities.

Thank you.

Greg Martin

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