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RICE is Alive at OLA!


What an amazing year we have had in Pre-Kindy this year! Friends have been made and we have learnt how to share and cooperate with each other. Sandcastles, paintings, playdough, singing and dancing are just a few favourites from our year. We are so sad that the year is over, but we know that great memories have been made and these children are ready for Kindergarten.

Mrs Taylor


And that’s a wrap!!

As children look back on their schooling years, many will say Kindy was one of their favourite years. It’s a year full of fun, laughter, singing, dancing, reading books, getting messy and lots of play. 2019 in Kindy was exactly this. We made some very special memories that we will hold onto as the years go by.

We learnt lots about the world around us this year. We also learnt how we could keep the RICE values alive in our classroom. Respect, integrity, compassion and excellence were a part of our day, every day.

Saying goodbye to such a special year is always hard, but how lucky we are to have spent it together in Kindy!

Mrs Fruvall and Mrs Taylor


The Pre-Primary children were so excited to take a look in their new Year One classrooms on Monday and we have been singing, crafting, playing, dancing and cleaning our way through the last few days of Pre-Primary. In Religious Education, we have been talking about Advent and preparing for Christmas and these are some of the things we said we could do for others in this special time:

“Take care of people and be gentle.” – Daniel T
“Be kind to people.” – Eli
“Share Christmas with one another.” – Indigo
“Share presents.” – Marcus
“During Advent I spend time with my family.” – Alessio
“I sing Christmas carols with my family.” – Lubinga
“I help my mum with cooking.” – Chloe
“I help put the tree up.” – Emily

What a wonderful year full of generous smiles and kind hearts from all of our little ones.

Miss Saraceni, Mrs Symmons and Mrs Galipo

Year 1

We have had such a busy week in Year One. On Monday and Tuesday, we had transition to Year Two and we met our Year Two teachers. On Wednesday, we had so much fun at the Water Fun Day, on the fantastic water slides. We also enjoyed the sausage sizzle.

We have reverently prepared for the coming of Jesus during this Advent time and we especially enjoyed making our nativity scene.

We thank all our parents who have supported us throughout the year. We wish you and your family a very happy and holy Christmas! Enjoy the holidays with your children. 

Mrs Noonan and Mrs Ravi

Year 2

What a rollercoaster ride this year has been, it is our final week of Year 2 and we have had such an amazing time. We have been demonstrating our RICE values through everything that we do. This week, we made rocky road, it was so much fun to have our parents volunteer their time to help us. We showed the values of respect and integrity towards our peers and parent volunteers while we were baking as we needed to listen and follow instructions. It was very messy mixing the chocolate into all of the ingredients, but we all had smiles on our faces.

We are always striving to do our very best and demonstrate the value of excellence in all of our work. This term, we have been learning about expositions and using our imaginations to convince our teachers to be on our sides. Over the year in Religion, we have learnt how to show compassion towards our peers and teachers and have learnt about stories where Jesus showed this value towards others.

Miss Rotondo, Mrs Pilatti and Mrs Stewart

Year 3

Wow! What an amazing week we have enjoyed! In class we have been busy completing activities as we prepare for Christmas during this season of Advent.

On Monday and Tuesday, all students participated in the transition to Year Four. Students spent time in their classroom for 2020 and met their Year Four teachers.

On Wednesday, we had an amazing time at the Water Fun Day which was followed by a sausage sizzle for Year 3 students.

We would like to thank all our parents for their support over 2019 and wish you all a happy, safe and joyous Christmas with your families.


Mrs Peters and Mrs Musca

Year 4

What a term it has been in Year 4! We have been hard at work consolidating our English and Maths skills in preparation for Year 5. We have completed differentiated novel study groups, written interesting persuasive texts, solved daily mental maths tasks and budgeted for our family. It has been a fantastic end to the academic year.

We can’t believe 2019 has come to an end. It has been a wonderful year filled with friendship, love and learning. As teachers, we feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to teach this remarkable group of students. We wish Levi and Cristiano all the best as they move onto their new schools and hope that everyone in the OLA community has a very merry Christmas and a restful holiday break. We can’t wait to see everyone back in 2020.

Miss Versace, Miss Smith and Mrs Tollis

Year 5

What an amazing year we have had! It has been a busy couple of weeks with our Christmas Concert last week and 5G’s assembly. We definitely got to show off our dramatic talents on these occasions. Mr Mc and Ms Knight were so very proud of us and said, ‘We were the best’. We don’t think they were being biased at all!

We also had the chance to celebrate with the seniors of our parish at a Mass on Tuesday. It was lovely to show our respect and appreciation for all that the seniors have taught us and done for us over their lives. It was also nice to get the applause that we did after our performance!

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing Christmas. Enjoy your break, and we will see you all in 2020 as the new school leaders.

Ms Knight and Mr McIntyre and the Year 5 GOATs

Year 6

Graduation! Graduation!

Graduation has been our main focus these past few weeks. We completed our classwork with excellence throughout our studies and classroom interaction with our peers.

Showing sincere integrity and respect towards our parents, teachers and OLA staff has been part of our journey this year, this will keep us in good stead for our future ambitions and values.

We commenced our festivities with a Graduation Mass, including our graduation song, which brought on a few tears from our parents and teachers. The Christmas concert was fun as we chose two songs to present to the OLA school community.

Our week concluded with the Graduation Dinner and Dance in the OLA Sr. Goretti Hall. Along with our parents/care givers we were treated to a fabulous, tasty dinner followed by a presentation of images, guessing what students looked like as babies. We then danced the night away, along with a game of chasey in between tunes.

The compassion bestowed upon us over the year, and in particular the past weeks, will not be forgotten and will remain a part of us forever.

Miss Figueira and Mr De Pietro

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