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RICE is Alive at OLA!

Kindergarten G

What a brilliant start we have had in Kindy! The children have been exploring their classroom and outdoor space and meeting new friends. We have been learning how to share and play with each other and what this looks like in our Kindy world. To show respect to each other, we need to be kind and gentle towards our classmates. We need to talk and listen to each other and our teachers. We need to take turns and share our toys at school.

We have been so very busy creating paintings, making towers, dancing and singing, innovating in the sandpit, playing families in the home corner, mixing and eating some yummy pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and were very prayerful for the sprinkling of ashes on Ash Wednesday. We can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring at school!

Mrs Michelle Symmons

Pre-Primary G

In PPG, we have been exploring the school value respect. We have discussed what respect looks like, sounds like and feels like at school and at home. In Health and Religion, we have talked about our feelings and how we can respect ourselves and each other in how we talk, work and play with our friends and family. We have based our classroom rules on respect for others, ourselves and the environment.

During Week 1, we drew a self-portrait and looked at how we are different from each other and talked about things that we are good at doing. In HASS, we have talked about how families are important to us. We have noticed that some families are the same as ours and some are different. One way in which our families are all the same is, our family loves us!

Mrs Maree Noonan

Year 1 G

The students in Year One have settled into their new classroom and routines beautifully! They look so lovely in their new uniforms and they have really loved having their own desks to work at. During our first week, we read the story, All The Ways We Can Be Smart, and we learnt about all of the special talents we have and how we can be smart at lots of things, like making cubby houses, building and drawing. The students brainstormed all the ways they can be smart and drew these special skills onto peacock feathers.

Now that we are looking after our own belongings, resources and desks, we have talked about respecting our own property, as well as the property of other people. We have looked at what respect might look like, sound like and feel like when we are at school.

We are impressed with how mature they have all been.

Mrs Simone Taylor

Year 2G

Students have had a great start to the year in 2G and they are thoroughly enjoying the extended ‘big’ playground areas at recess and lunch breaks.

Last week we all enjoyed participating in Shrove Tuesday activities and eating pancakes in the classroom – with topping, so delicious! On Wednesday, both Year 2 classes took part in the Ash Wednesday Liturgy held in the classroom. Mr Morris sprinkled ashes this year and all students showed our school value of respect during this time.

This term our school value focus is respect, we have been focusing on how we show respect in the classroom and in the playground. Students have been working beautifully in class and earned ‘Golden Time’ to enjoy with their classmates. So much fun!

Mrs Maree Musca

Year 3G

We have had a great start to Year 3. The children have settled in well to the busy routine of our classroom and have been working exceptionally hard.

Last week was a special week in our church. On Tuesday, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, where the children had pancakes for recess. On Wednesday, we took part in a beautiful Year 3 liturgy for Ash Wednesday. The children made Lenten promises, which they wrote onto a love heart and placed into our Lenten Promise Jars once they received their ashes. The Lenten Promise Jar has been placed on our prayer table as a reminder of our promises during Lent.

We have also been talking about the word respect as a part of our RICE values. The children identified that they can show respect by treating others the way they want to be treated. They listed other ways such as being kind, sharing, being polite and by showing empathy towards others. In 3G, we are going to work hard on always showing respect as our RICE values model.

Mrs Fruvall and Mrs McCarthy

Year 4G

The first of the four OLA Values is respect. In 4G, we have been talking about what respect looks like in Year 4:

Emmett – I don’t talk when other people are talking.

Georgia – Inviting someone to play with you when they are lonely is good.

Jacob – During soccer I give a free ball when there is a handball.

Lynn – When I help a friend with a computer problem, I help them do what the teacher says.

India – When I go to different classes, I treat the teachers politely.

Luca – Make sure you listen and respect your group when you are practising the assembly.

Cara and Una– I let a lonely little girl play with me and my friend before school and at lunch.

Oscar and Lara– In assembly practice I listened to others.

TinTin – I brought my car to the assembly and shared it with others.

Mrs Mary Barclay

Year 5G

The Year 5G class have commenced this year in a positive and pastoral manner with smiles and excitement all round. There were stories of our adventures during the summer holidays and the excitement of beginning a new school year with new teachers and new friends.

It is safe to say we students have taken to our new classrooms and teachers with a positive outlook and attitude. Our willingness to do well and affirmative pastoral care has displayed respect to all we come into contact with. We acknowledge how everyone is gifted in different ways and how we all belong to and add to the OLA school community.

Our beginning was interrupted with the extra week of holidays…YIPEEE! But we have had to make up for a lot of work and although it’s been busy, we have had fun and worked hard.

We also, respected and prayed for the commencement of the Lenten season. Lessons including Art (designing our Zentangle Art Names and Animals images) and reviewing previous NAPLAN Math and Language exercises as we prepare for this year’s tests have been part of our start to the year.

Mr Bruno De Pietro

Year 6G

They say time flies when you are having fun, we have worked that out very quickly in the first few weeks of school. We have done a great job so far of taking on the role of being the leaders of OLA. We were also given our Leavers Shirts at the beginning of the term and will continue to be both proud and respectful as we wear them.

We are learning how to demonstrate our school value of respect in our everyday lives. We have modelled this value over the last couple of weeks, in order to teach the younger students what it looks like. In Religion, we have been exploring the idea of ‘Vocation’. We have identified our gifts and talents that help others and discussed how these relate to the work we do in our Ministry groups.

Miss Tiana Versace

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