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Leadership Message – Issue One

Prayer for the Start of the School Year

Lord Jesus, I ask for Your help as I begin this new school year.
Allow me to experience Your presence in the many blessings You put
before me.
Open my eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this
new school year brings.
Open my heart and mind to new friends and new teachers.
Give me a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with my studies and courage
to accept new opportunities.
Help me to be attentive to my teachers and let me experience Your
presence in my new friends.
Jesus, inspire me to do my best this year!


Leadership Message – Issue One

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome Back

I warmly welcome you all back (officially) to the new school year. Who would have thought we would have been in lockdown during the first week, however, we all survived and I hope you all enjoyed the extra week’s holiday.

A number of changes have been made to the school’s procedures and calendars and these will be communicated below.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful 2021!

COVID-19 Updates

As COVID updates are brought to our attention, you will all be informed. In the interim, it is business as usual unless otherwise advised. A reminder to wear your mask when entering the school site (whenever you leave your home).

New Arrival in the McIntyre Family

Congratulations to Brian, Sarah and Pearse on the safe arrival of Joe McIntyre. Weighing 4.47kg, Sarah and Joe are doing well. Brian will be on Paternity Leave until Tuesday 2 March. I warmly welcome Denise Grant to OLA who will be relieving in Year 4M, until Brian returns from Paternity Leave. All the best with the sleepless nights, Brian!

New Staff to OLA

I warmly welcome our new staff members, Liana Anastasio (Kindergarten M Education Assistant), Genevieve Orton (Pre-Primary G Education Assistant), Jacinta Crabb (Kindergarten G Education Assistant), Michelle Griffiths (Pre-Primary M Education Assistant) and Paola Pizzo (General – Education Assistant) to OLA.


Included in this newsletter, and all future newsletters will be a spiritual reflection, by Dr Nathan Leber. Nathan is a parent at our school and is a lecturer at the Catholic Institute Western Australia. Enjoy reading the reflections.

Welcome Back Family Night

As scheduled on the Term 1 school calendar, a Welcome Back Family Night has been scheduled for Friday 19 February (5.00 – 9.00pm), however due to what we’re now experiencing, and the restrictions being implemented, this may not proceed and will depend on what the Premier announces on Sunday 14 February (or prior).

We will keep you all posted.

Induction/Commitment Mass for New Staff, Year 6 Students, OLA School Advisory Council and P&F Executive

Depending on the restrictions currently in place, and what the Premier announces later in the week, all families are invited to the school’s Induction/Commitment Mass scheduled for Friday 26 February, commencing at 9.00am in the parish church.

During the celebration, all new staff to OLA, Year 6 students, OLA Advisory Council and P&F members will be making a commitment to serve our wonderful OLA community during the year. During the celebration, all new staff, OLA Advisory Council and P&F Executive members will be presented with a religious symbol. The Year 6 Students will be presented with the blessed Ministry and Leadership Badges.

Looking forward to seeing all families at the celebration.

2021 Term Calendars

Due to the current situation we’re experiencing, the term calendars, uploaded in 2020, will be amended in the near future. We are waiting for the Premier’s announcement and before we update and distribute to all parents next week. The interactive website calendar, on the website, will also be updated next week.

Parent Information Evenings

As mentioned previously, the Parent Information Evenings have been cancelled for 2021, however, the staff will be emailing a PDF copy of the presentation to all parents. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher.

2020 School Annual

The 2020 School Annual is currently being finalised and was sent to the printer late last year. As soon as they’re delivered to the school, they will be distributed to families.

Extra Cleaning

Maria and Anisha Giangiulio (our new school cleaners) will be doing extra cleaning around the school, until further notice. The cleaning practices include the extra cleaning of railings, door handles, remotes, toilets each day. Franco, (Maintenance staff member), and Ciaran Allsop (PE Teacher) will be spraying the playgrounds and sports equipment, on a daily basis, until further notice.

New School Uniforms

A reminder the current changeover period will cease at the end 2023. By 2024, all students should be in the new school uniform, but I am hoping families will endeavour to change uniforms in the near future. A reminder to all parents that students are not permitted to wear free dress items.

Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition, e.g. anaphylaxis or asthma, please complete the required paperwork that is available from the School Office. All medications need to be left at the School Office with your child’s completed paperwork. Students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary will have medications stored in the classroom, however, the School Office will still need to be notified of your child’s medical condition.

Permission to Use Student Images 2021

If you would like to amend your child’s permission to use student images from 2020 then please contact your child’s class teacher directly. All permissions given in 2020 will rollover to 2021 unless otherwise advised. New students to OLA in 2021 will be given a consent form in the near future.

Thank you.

Greg Martin, Michael Morris and Rebecca Smith

The OLA Leadership Team

School Counsellor

Social Counsellor

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